Who is who?

We’d like to introduce ourselves! Some team members can’t be mentioned here or have a photograph to ensure anonimity and safety. Do you have a question for a specific person? You can reach all of us via info@wijzijnproud.nl!


Yvette Luhrs – chair person and press officer
Yvette is a porn performer, cam model and a sex positive, feminist pornographer.

Eva – secretary

H. – Treasurer

Marianne – Member       

Bubbles – Member

Advisory committee

PROUD has an advisory committee of non-sex workers with an expertise on sex worker rights.
Sietske Altink – historian and researcher.
Laurens Buijs
– academic and chairperson of the Prostitutie Informatie Centrum.
Licia Brusse – founding member of the European TAMPEP network for migrant sex workers.
Hendrik Wagenaar – academic.
Marjan Wijers – human rights activist and trafficking expert.