Who is who?

We’d like to introduce ourselves! Some team members can’t be mentioned here or have a photograph to ensure anonimity and safety. Do you have a question for a specific person? You can reach all of us via info@wijzijnproud.nl!


Yvette Luhrs – chair person and press officer Yvette is a porn performer, cam model and a sex positive, feminist pornographer.

Eva – secretary and legal expert Eva is PROUD’s expert on legal matters – and online sex work!

Marianne – treasurer Marianne was a founding member of PROUD as well as expert platform SWexpertise. She also works at SOAAIDS Nederland.

M. – bestuurslid

Active members

These are a few of the many PROUDmembers who are active as a consultant or volunteer!

Bubbles – Digital Fieldwork Coordinator
Bubbles is an all-round sex worker who has worked outdoors, via window brothels and online. When you e-mail PROUD, she’s the first one to answer!

Felicia Anna РCoördinator Migrant Sex Workers
Felicia Anna is a sex worker in the Amsterdam Red Light District. Known for her blog Behind the Red Light District.

Hella РProject Coördinator
Hella has sex with people for money and does the practical coordination of the many PROUD activities.

Iris – Fieldwork Coordinator
Iris is PROUD’s Spanish fieldwork coordinator and a member of the advisory committee.

J. – Advisor Privacy
J. does sex work and is PROUD’s expert on privacy.

The Fieldwork Team!
8 fieldworkers with different backgrounds travel all over the Netherlands to spread information on laws and rights and to gather information on our needs.

The Workshop Leaders
PROUD organises workshops by and for sex workers. Sex workers who are experts on a specific topic – for example taxes, online sex work or working safely – lead these workshops.

Advisory committee

PROUD has an advisory committee of non-sex workers with an expertise on sex worker rights.

Sietske Altink – historian and researcher.
Laurens Buijs
– academic and chairperson of the Prostitutie Informatie Centrum.
Licia Brusse – founding member of the European TAMPEP network for migrant sex workers.
Hendrik Wagenaar – academic.
Marjan Wijers – human rights activist and trafficking expert.