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PROUD is doing research on the stigma and violence sex workers in the Netherlands experience. We want to interview 300 sex workers. Do you want to participate?
Every participant will get €50,- compensation. The interview will take place at a location of your choice. All interviewers are (former) sex workers themselves. Participation is anonymous!
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We interview sex workers in the Netherlands on their experiences with stigma, social exclusion, exploitative work practices and other forms of violence. Interviews can be held in Dutch and English.

The research focuses on sex workers who have sex with paying clients. We’re mostly searching for self-employed escorts, people who work with the opting-in regeling (for example at brothels, escort agencies) and people who do street/tippelzone-based work.

There are many forms of stigmatization and violence. Even if you have not experienced (extreme forms of) violence, etc., we would like to encourage you to participate in this research. Every experience counts.

PROUD is the Dutch union by and for sex workers. Our research started in November 2016 and will continue until the end of August 2017. PROUD does this research in cooperation with Soa Aids Nederland. The research is financed by the Ministry of Justice.
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On behalf of the PROUD research team, Marianne Jonker PROUD Board Member