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These past two weeks, members of both PIC and PROUD as well as allies have gathered at the Amsterdam Museum to protest the anti-sex work exhibition by “artist” Jimini Hignett (info about the exposition can be found here: https://www.amsterdammuseum.nl/tentoonstellingen/nr-1-tourist-attraction). We protest against the stigmatizing and false information about sex work currently being displayed at the museum. Some examples of the “information” being given are that sex workers have disproportionate rates of HIV/AIDS, that we were abused and lack confidence which is why we get into prostitution, that we have to take drugs to cope with our work, and of course that all prostitution is exploitative and violent towards women. The exposition also displays PIC and PROUD items, but of course slanders the name of these organizations by saying that we provide a “sanitized” image of prostitution. Since the opening, the PIC has talked to people at Amsterdam Museum and the museum has made it very clear they will not close this exhibition down because they “respect the freedom of the artist.” They will also not correct any of the lies in the exposition itself but have created space in a room next door to display any fact-checks we might want to provide, as well as emails people have sent in criticizing the museum and the Belle Revisited part. So long as the museum refuses to correct the lies in the exposition itself and this exposition remains open, PIC will continue to protest weekly. So far this has occurred on Fridays around 12-14:00, but the dates and times might change. Please reach out to Foxxy (foxxy@wijzijnproud.nl) or Lilly for more information or if you would like to join these protests.


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