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In March 2020 the current board of PROUD will resign after being in the board for 2 years.
We’re looking for new boardmembers, in the function of chair, treasurer or secretary.
If you’re a (ex)sexworker and interested in the position, please email your motivation to bestuur@wijzijnproud.nl.

Characteristics we like in boardmembers
* Affinity with PROUD
* Being actively involved with PROUD
* Available 4-6 hours a week
* Teamplayer
* Strong communication skills
* Willing to “out yourself” as a sex worker

Note: When a board position is available, specific requirements regarding the vacancy will be announced. The application procedure can differ depending on the specific board position.

Board as Applications Committee
The board will act as Applications Committee for new board members. This means the board speaks to all candidates so they have an opportunity to highlight their motivations and ideas. The procedure is as follows:

1. Announcement by the board
* Announcement via e-mail to PROUDmembers, mentioning: available board position, requirements
for the position, application procedure and relevant deadlines
* At least 6 weeks before the General Members Meeting

2. Introductory interview candidates
* At least 2 board members attend the interview
* Topics of discussion are the candidate’s experience, motivations, ideas

3. Consideration and communication
* Board considers per applicant whether they are qualified based on the introductory interview and, if relevant, previous experience at PROUD
* Board communicates to candidates how many members have applied
* Board communicates to the candidates that they can give introduce themselves and highlight their
motivations at the General Members Meeting

4. Election at General Members Meeting

* Board communicates how many members applied for the board position
* Candidate-boardmembers introduce themselves to the members
* Via anonymous voting, the new board member is elected
* The chairperson appoints the new boardmemberPROUD Richtlijnen: Sollicitatieprocedure nieuwe bestuursleden