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PROUD is de belangenvereniging voor en door sekswerkers in Nederland. PROUD is er voor alle sekswerkers en ex-sekswerkers ongeacht gender, seksuele oriëntatie, legale status, leeftijd, gezondheid, nationaliteit of werkvorm.

Op onze recent vernieuwde website vind je informatie over onze belangenvereniging, wat we doen,  sekswerk-gerelateerd nieuws, een overzicht van community evenementen en natuurlijk onze hulp- en dienstverlening voor (ex)sekswerkers.

Welkom op onze vernieuwde website

Onze vernieuwde website is online! Aangezien onze oude website niet meer werkte zoals het hoorde, besloten we een maandje geleden om een nieuwe webmaster te zoeken, die onze website opnieuw kon bouwen. En vandaag is het dan zover: DE WEBSITE IS AF! De Engelse versie...

Veiligheid voor alle sekswerkers

Amsterdam - PROUD en Soa Aids Nederland slaan de handen ineen om de veiligheid en gezondheid van sekswerkers te verbeteren. Dat dit nodig is blijkt wel uit het onderzoek naar Stigma en Geweld onder sekswerkers, waaruit blijkt dat maar liefst tussen de 60 en 97% van de...

Rapport “Sekswerk, Stigma en Geweld” vertaald

Rapport “Sekswerk, Stigma en Geweld” vertaald

Het rapport rondom Sekswerk, Stigma en Geweld in Nederland is vertaald in het Engels. Dit rapport is een samenwerking tussen  PROUD en Soa Aids Nederland. De engelse vertaling met als titel: "Sex Work, Stigma and Violence in the Netherlands" is hier te...

Internationale dag ter herinnering aan Vanessa Campos

Internationale dag ter herinnering aan Vanessa Campos

ICRSE, TGEU - Transgender Europe, PROUD, Trans United Nederland, STRASS Syndicat du TRAvail Sexuel et Acceptess Transgenres organiseren op 21 september 2018 de International day of action in memory of Vanessa Campos. Zij werd op 16 augustus 2018 vermoord in Parijs In...

Proud Nederland
Proud Nederland
The last meeting of 2019 is coming up! Don't miss out and come get your Callgirls 'n Coffee fix this Monday! We'll leave our feminist ideals for the new year so that we don't miss out on talking about Sexual Dysfunction (the theme of the cancelled meeting from two weeks ago).

When: Dec 2 from 17.00-20.00
Where: PIC, Enge Kerksteeg 3

Theme: Sexual dysfunction
This meeting is about the clients we encounter with sexual dysfunction and the effect this can have on doing our job well. Some of our clients have difficulty with arousal, experience pain during sex, erectile dysfunction, and/or have trouble reaching orgasm, whether due to situational factors like alcohol or drugs or just due to individual differences (physiological/psychological). How do we redirect clients blaming condom use - or even blaming us? How can we still offer safe sex to clients with ED? Is it possible to make them less intercourse and orgasm focused and guide them to enjoy other forms of sex? And what about other types of functional diversity like clients with micropenises or premature ejaculation?
Proud Nederland
Proud Nederland shared a post.
After a couple of weeks of voting, the sexworkers’ community chose the new slogan for our project. It’s a Dutch slogan, so I’ll translate it too.

And the winner is:

Samen maken we sekswerk veiliger (Together we make sex work safer)
Proud Nederland
Proud Nederland is at PIC Amsterdam.
PIC Amsterdam
The text of the flyer we've handed out to the public during our protest against the #WRS

The government proposed “Regulation on Sex Work” is harming the rights of sex workers all over the Netherlands! The stated intent of the Government is to “protect” the rights of sex workers with things like

1] The compulsory registration, and licencing, of all sex workers in a national registry
2] The limitation of the number of physical working spaces for sex workers
3] The re-introduction of a variation of the “Pimp Law”, where every third-party associated with unlicenced sex workers can be considered their “pimp”
4] The criminalization of clients who receive the services of unlicenced sex workers

All these measures stem from a perspective that victimizes sex workers and views sex work as an inherently exploitative profession. They have been tried in several other european countries and have failed to promote sex workers’ rights or protect victims of trafficking. All these measures ignore the collective experience of the worldwide sex workers’ rights movement.

The proposed law further exposes us to danger by allowing municipalities to limit the number of working spaces on arbitrary grounds of preference and public order. When asked, sex workers in the Netherlands indicated that having access to public, organized, and safe working spaces is the single most contributing factor to the betterment of their physical safety, psychological well-being, and overall health. This, combined with the proposed criminalization of clients who meet with unlicensed sex workers, has the potential to increase the incidents of violence against sex workers.
The proposed law will only push more sex work underground and deteriorate our working conditions, while letting victims of human trafficking go unnoticed.

We will not allow that to happen!

Nothing about us, without us


A short video of our protest against the WRS yesterday.


Thanks to everyone that was at our protest yesterday! #WRSgeensucces

Vandaag om 16:00 beginnen we met ons protest tegen de Wrs (Wet Registratie Sekswerk) waar we het niet mee eens zijn! Komt allen, verkleed jezelf en laat je stem horen! PROUDnl photo

If your creativity is boiling up and you're in the Amsterdam area, we could really use some help making the signs for the protest Thursday.

Sharing = caring! 😍
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