Hi there! We haven’t completed the English translation of the website yet. Thanks for your patience! PROUD is the Dutch association (vereniging) by and for sex workers. PROUD welcomes all sex workers and former sex workers, regardless of gender, sexual orientation, legal status, age, health, nationality or way of working.

What do we do?

Practical support: every sex workers can ask for practical support and information at PROUD. Advice by and for colleagues! You can call and e-mail, or drop by at our action center in Amsterdam. We’re open every: Monday & Thuesday 11:00-17:00 Other days only by appointment. Legal support: we support sex workers in legal matters. We can assist with all workrelated issues, including police intimidation and discrimination based on profession. Fieldwork: our Fieldwork Team travels all over the Netherlands. We visit sex work businesses to share information about laws and your rights. We also gather information: what do sex workers want? What works, what can be improved? Advocacy: based on what PROUDmembers and sex workers we meet through fieldwork tell us, PROUD advocates for the rights of sex workers. We do this in politics, in the media and in society.

Who are we?

Only (former) sex workers are allowed to become a member of PROUD. The association has members, a board and a core team of active members. We work with volunteers and paid consultants. PROUD also has an advisory committee with non-sex workers. PROUD was launched on February 15th in 2015, and we’re still growing. Read more about us or have a look at the who is who? page to learn more.