Prostitution and sex work

PROUD talks about sex work, and in Dutch about sekswerk. Why don’t we use language like prostitutie/prostitution and prostituees/prostitutes? This has a few reasons:

PROUD is an organisation for all sex workers! Sex work is a broad, inclusive umbrella term. All sex workers, regardless of what erotic/sexual services they offer, are welcome.

‘Prostitute’ is stigmatising and incorrect The word ‘prostitute’ is French and means something like ‘someone who is made available for sex’. That doesn’t make any sense, of course. Sex workers offer a sexual/erotic service. Our bodies are not passively ‘made available’.

Sex workers are part of a global human rights movement The term sex work was first used in the 1970s, by sex workers themselves. The word spread quickly. Now, colleagues from all over the world, from Thailand to Brasil and from Canada to Kenya, call themselves sex workers. By choosing to use words like sex work and sex worker, PROUD chooses to be a part of this global movement of sex workers.