Day of Paid Love

February 15th we celebrate the Day of Paid Love

PROUD members will visit different cities throughout the country to celebrate this day. This year we will visit cities that defined the debate about sex work. You’ll find us in Utrecht, Arnhem, Eindhoven and Hilversum.
With the thought ‘The right to love, be loved and get paid for it’ we’ll organize different activities such as; ‘Ask a sexworker’, ‘Write
a love note’, ‘Safer sex 101’, ‘Kissing boot booth’, ‘Sexworker karaoke’.

Read the press release in Dutch here.

Profess Your Love on the Day of Paid Love

February 15th is the Day of Paid Love. It’s the day after Valentine’s Day, so stay in the spirit and send a love letter to your favorite sex worker!  

It doesn’t matter of you’re a client, admirer, family, partner, lover, friend, acquaintance, colleague, etc. You can show your love and appreciation for the sex workers in your life!

You can send your love letters via e-mail to and write DAY OF PAID LOVE in the subject line. Or be extra romantic and send your cards and letters by regular mail to:

PROUD – Day of Paid Love
Enge Kerksteeg 3
1012 GV Amsterdam

Let your favorite sex worker(s) know just how special they are to you and start crafting those cards, poems, song lyrics, letters, and e-mails of love.