The report about “Sex Work, Stigma and Violence in the Netherlands” is now translated in English. This report is a colloboration between PROUD and Soa AIDS NL.

The English translation of the report: “Sex Work, Stigma and Violence in t…

Angelo, Elanor and Marten make up the legal helpdesk of PROUD.
We all come from different fields of legal work and from different backgrounds.
We consider our diverse backgrounds and expertise our strength.

PROUD’s legal helpdesk is here for all…

Our team worked hard putting together a newsletter, as a lot happened in the past few months. Read it here:

Proud Nieuwsbrief NL 1-2018

The 16th of August was a sad day for sex workers world wide. On that day Vanessa Campos was murdered while working in the Bois de Bologne in Paris.

The law in France criminalises sex work clients, which means it is hard for workers there to do the…

ICRSE, TGEU – Transgender Europe – Proud Nederland, Trans United Nederland, STRASS Syndicat du TRAvail Sexuel, Acceptess Transgenres are calling all LGBT, trans, sex workers, migrant, anti-racist, syndicalist and feminist organizations to particip…


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