Remembrance of murdered trans sex worker Vanessa Campos

The 16th of August was a sad day for sex workers world wide. On that day Vanessa Campos was murdered while working in the Bois de Bologne in Paris.

The law in France criminalises sex work clients, which means it is hard for workers there to do their work in safety. This teriible event is partly caused by this law.

To call attention to violence against sex workers, and to honour Vanessa Campos, PROUD and others sex work organisations (ICRSE, TGEU, STRASS, ACCEPTESS-T) organised a day of action.

In Amsterdam we gathered at Belle at the Oudekerksplein. Ana-Paula and Velvet from PROUD held an emotional. powerful, and beautiful speech, after which we had a minute of silence. We also left flowers at Belle.

We made a video of the remembrance:


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