English sex worker workshops in January

You are warmly invited to the first PROUD workshops by sex workers, for sex workers. You can come to the workshops to learn new things, share your own knowledge and meet other sex workers. The workshops are FOR SEX WORKERS ONLY.

The default language of our workshops is Dutch. But if several people apply, we can switch languages or organise a separate workshop for English-speakers!

Are you interested in following a workshop? Please let us know via!

Workshop Taxes
Sunday January 22th, 12.00h-12.00h, Location dbt

How do you do your taxes as a self-employed sex worker? What are your rights when working through the opting-in system? In this workshop, you’ll get all practical info you need to get your financial administration in order.

Workshop Online Sex Work
Thursday January 26th, 19.00u-21.00u, Amsterdam

Webcamming – how does that work? And how do you produce and sell your own erotic photos and videos online? In this workshop, an experienced webcammer tells you everything you need to know to begin with online sex work, including tips on the best websites to work on, advice on online payments and an introduction to popular fetishes in online pornography.

Workshop Staying Safe at Work
Sunday January 29th, 12.00u-14.00u, Amsterdam

How do you make sure that you’re safe at work? What are your rights when talking to police? Whether you work in a club, as an escort or at home, this workshop offers lots of practical advice by and for sex workers about working safely. We’ll also discuss your rights when you interact with police, and we offer a quick course in self-defense!

Workshop Online Advertising
Sunday January 29th, 15.00u-17.00u, Amsterdam

Everyone can find clients on the internet. How can you advertse to get the most – and the best! – clients online? This workshops provides all the practical info you need about online marketing. You don’t have to be an internet expert to attend!

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